Dhrubajyoti Saha (Pune, India) writes about his failures in life and how he faced them. 

While reading the newspaper, she looked quite confused. “You can take a year drop for your higher secondary exam, I wouldn’t mind. But take a proper decision, so that it can help you in future”, she told her son- Shiv. Shiv was surprised by what he heard from his mother. 5 hours had gone by that Shiv got his Test results before Higher Secondary Exam  in which he failed in 3 out of 5 subjects.

His parents always supported him with his decisions. He was asked to score well and not to focus much on being the topper in all exams. Shiv couldn’t pass due to the tensions and struggles that had now become a part of his life. This tension was for his handicapped elder brother who being two years older than Shiv, was his junior in school. So his parents expected good results from Shiv, so that he has a bright future.

As the results were out, Shiv’s girlfriend, his very first love, left him as she thought he didn’t have a good future. But Shiv didn’t give up. “I’m ready to face this, I’ll not waste any more time. I’ll not take a year off”, thought Shiv, with tears in his eyes. He decided to study hard and improve himself. His mother supported and guided her son.

“Mom, do you have money?” this expression and it’s meaning has changed for Shiv now, 6 years after that failure. Earlier the expression meant asking for money from his mom, now it has changed to wanting to give it to her.  Working as a software engineer in Asia’s largest I.T firm,  Shiv now supports his family, both monetarily and emotionally.  He now knows the meaning of love and the relation between love and sacrifice. He understood through his struggles in life that life gives you many hurdles, it’s you who has to cross them and overcome your failures.

Eunoia wishes Dhrubajyoti all the best for his future endeavours.