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“Dream is not that which you see while sleeping

it is something that does not let you sleep.” -A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Photography By Sanchayan Chakraborty


A Race You Should Not Win

By Rashi Pranav Roy (Delhi, India)

This happened to a teacher in our school. She was walking hastily in the corridor, and stepped on wet orange petals fallen all over the slippery floor. She slipped terribly- the most classic fall one can ever see happening  to a woman in a south silk saree. She ended up with her legs in full split; she earned herself a pelvic fracture. She could not close her legs due to, you know, the broken pelvic bones. Nor the teachers could bring her legs back together ending the acrobatic stance. Hence, she was put in the same position on a stretcher and rushed to hospital. Just imagine (pause). What a brutal piece of work we kids were! When we were told about her injury, it was an ‘Oh No’ in unison. When we were explained how she fell, and moreover how she was taken to hospital, we fell off the desks laughing hysterically. Not our fault, she made it a legendary fall to remember. Because she could not watch her steps! It was wet, slippery and sprinkled with deep orange petals all over. She should have used her eyes and brain and slowed down.

It’s not the matter of just the steps we take while walking. The pace of everything has switched us to 2X speed. Everything! One morsel of food is there ‘un’chewed in mouth and we are already about to pop in the second. Before the other person can reach the end of his sentence, we interrupt him with our story, “know what…”. There is a new thing called power Yoga which can condense the entire benefit of 1 hour of pranaayama in 10 minutes, ethereal! It’s so crucial to overtake that truck or tempo that dents no more matter for car and driver. Pace and pace in everything, vrooming along the clock without making any sense- back down, just cool down, pacify yourself.

Have you ever seen a mommy who gets up late and gets her kindergarten kid ready for school- polishing the socks along with shoes, while holding the cheeks tight enough to make the child pout like a pig as she combs the hair so hard that scalp bleeds. And I would not explain the phallic catastrophe following a fast and careless zipping up of pants. White icing rather than cherry on the top, she dabs talcum powder all over the face of the dumbstruck kid, finds unnecessary to clean the dust off the brows. Making the child look blonde! And her final kiss before the child boards the bus clearly swipes the powder away in kiss shape on one cheek. The child, too shocked to interrupt the mom, expressionlessly hangs the water bottle by its ribbon around neck and shoos to school. It’s her misconception that she did it so fast and perfect. If only she could give ten minutes more to the chore, the kid could happily go to school looking like a student rather than clown. (But hey, lazy or hasty, mommies still rock)

To some serious side of this, most accidents are a result of illogical race to reach first. How devastating that has proved to be for millions? Just a matter of ten to twenty minutes of time makes one behave like a fast forwarded fool. All the bruised gums, scratched scalp, choked windpipe, bumped cars, unzipped pants, messed up work desk, cluttered shelves, broken ankles, injured elbows (against the doors and walls)- it’s all because of haste. And it is entirely our fault, isn’t that hard to manage if you take a step back, look and plan.

Why not be ready half an hour in prior to avoid that rush? Please keep things at right place (men, have mercy on this point), never ever pull a cloth randomly from the shelf and always, get up early. Getting up early is the first thing which sets every schedule in perfect timing for the rest of day. When you get up at 6am instead of 5:30, it’s a huge loss because the mind is boggled thinking I’m Late, I’m already Late.

One more thing, avoid listening and reacting to people who keep shouting to hurry up. Not asking to be rude, just develop a resistor in your mind. Loud horns, loud advices- these only harm the functionality. I had smashed my car’s rear view mirror against a hoarding once. No, not because I am a woman. My cousin shouted suddenly, ‘Take a Left!!’ I reacted to that in one second and bang! Keep the body, mind and logic in equilibrium. When thes three factors are out of sync, the person ends up looking like an unsolved Rubik’s cube. Take time. You have to be alive first, anything later. Else, no one minds another classic acrobatic pelvic fracture-slash-split to die laughing about.

Shortcut To Heaven

By Namrata Sinha
20 June, 2017

My heart skipped a beat every time I saw another “Accident-Prone Area, Drive Safe” board on the way. Sitting on the very first seat of a city bus, which looked like it was at least a hundred years old, I imagined what my obituary would look like. I wasn’t sure what it’d say but it had to end with something like “she was too young to leave us.”

I’ve always boasted of my fearlessness. If I were in a horror movie, I’d be that brave (read stupid) person who hears voices at 3 am, yells “who’s there?” multiple times, goes out to investigate, gets stabbed in the heart and dies.

Left hand on the steering and a cigarette in the right, the bus driver drove this fragile vehicle as if it was a Formula One car, the bus roared and creaked in response. At times he’d leave the steering wheel altogether to light another smoke, take deep drags and then continued doing what he did best- shout cuss words at anyone who dared cross his way.

They say one can never be truly happy but to them I say when that death ride came to an end, at that particular moment of my nineteen years old life, I was truly and completely happy. I got down thanking my lucky stars as the driver lit another cigarette.


The Nightfall

“The night is dark and full of terrors.”
Photography by Tanay Rudra 

Toh Jee Rahe Ho Tum

By Eunoia
19 June, 2017


In and Out

Writer wishes to remain Anonymous. 

People are constantly asking me if something is wrong. It’s as if they can read my mind by merely looking into my eyes. I don’t know what they see, but I believe them. They say I look tired. They say I have sad eyes.

A friend of mine once told me that even though he appeared to be enjoying himself he was really empty inside. He told me that what you may see on the outside does not really relate to what is on the inside. I believe him now. A laugh on the outside, a sigh on the inside. A smile on my face, a lost look in my mind. It’s better to just lie to everyone. To act like everything is in its place.

I miss you. Your laugh, your eyes, your touch, your kiss, your companionship, your love. I miss all of you.


17 June, 2017


Kazi Mostafizur Rahman writes on Loneliness.

“And miles to go before I sleep.”

Photography by Sanchayan Chakraborty (Kolkata, India)

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